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Turnbull Cyn - 7th Ave (Freeride Loop)  (California)      28k views  
          Route creator Terry Best  
Route Overview

Overall:  7.8
Technical:  7.5
Bigger figure eightfigure eight
Distance: 8.9 miles
Ascent: 1,759 feet
Time: 1:30 minutes
Ladder Points +35
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Route Directions 
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Similar to the Turnbull Canyon - 7th Ave loop but with a Freeride twist thrown in the middle: This triple figure-eight loop begins with a moderate climb up Turnbull Canyon fire road followed by a ridgeline traverse along 'Skyline' towards Hacienda Heights where you'll perform the thrilling 7th Avenue singletrack loop. Upon returning back onto Skyline you'll turn up towards Turnbull Canyon's water tank but before reaching the vista you'll peel off down a Freeride technical singletrack detour which will deposit you at the bottom of Turnbull Canyon. After the brief climb back up Turnbull Canyon's fire road you'll turn left onto Skyline for the cherry-on-the-top singletrack descent. Friends Avenue & Beverly Blvd comprise the final road-going 0.6 miles.

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1:54:004.7 mph1 
 Gerry Lattimer 
1:53:384.7 mph1 
1:51:004.8 mph1 
1:45:005.1 mph1 
1:44:595.1 mph1 
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  Route Comments
great fathers day ride with uncle and the old man.
before work ride. great conditions. nice and cool with nobody out
cool because it was foggy. Kinda sketchy going down rattlesnake with low visibility
Gerry Lattimer08/15/10
Got a front row seat to watch REH jump into a tree branch. He was removed from his bike while his helmet stuck to the tree for a few seconds, 18 mph to 0 in an instant. He still finished the ride though.
G. Lattimer & I laid down this cool triple figure 8 loop.besides me wacking my head into a tree branch that knocked me clean off my bike.a bit sore,but all is good.
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